Mayor and Board of Aldermen


Oak Grove is governed by a Mayor and Board of Aldermen which meet on the first and third Monday’s of every month. Public meetings are held in the lower level at the new City Hall which is centrally located at 2110 S Broadway.  Two aldermen represent each of the city’s three wards.  The Mayor directs meetings and votes only for the purpose of breaking a tie.  Elected office terms for both the Mayor and Board of Aldermen are two years; there is no consecutive limit on the amount of terms an alderman may serve in his/her elected seat.

Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm lower level at the new City Hall, 2110 S Broadway.

Elected Official                      Elected Position                   Term Expires 

Dana Webb                           Mayor                                       April 2024     

Jeremy Taylor                        Alderman Ward I                  April 2024

Rachel Kilmer                        Alderwoman Ward I             April 2025

Pam Pope                             Alderwoman Ward II             April 2024

Kelly Nadeau                         Alderwoman Ward II            April 2025

Jim Shrout                             Alderman Ward III                 April 2024

Tracey Newcomer                 Alderwoman Ward III          April 2025

Use the Ward Map to help determine which of the three City of Oak Grove wards you reside.