The Mayor, Board of Aldermen and the city employees would like to welcome each and every person visiting our community's website. The City of Oak Grove is a growing community with a rich history, numerous business opportunities, outstanding schools and plenty of room to raise a family.


Oak Grove is ideally located with Kansas City on one side and beautiful rural Missouri on the other. Our residents are just minutes away from Kansas City and Metropolitan area activities, or hunting or fishing on a local farm, or a quiet evening on the deck with family or friends as the stars fill the evening sky.

Oak Grove has steadily flourished into an astonishing suburb supporting 8,000 residents and growing daily. Quality plays a pivotal role regarding affluent community housing opportunities. Consisting of more than 20 subdivisions and a well-stocked existing home market, Oak Grove and the Kansas City region consistently rate among the top buyer-friendly cities in the nation for housing affordability.

Family Friendly

Oak Grove prides itself on being family friendly! Besides the award-winning schools, the area is rife with lakes, outdoor parks, public library and year-round youth athletic and non-athletic activities. Adding to the quality of life combination is more than 10 churches of various denominations and a crime rate significantly lower than similar-sized communities in Missouri.

Oak Grove’s quality neighborhoods and friendly people are two of the main factors attracting businesses to the area. Striking neighborhoods, strong family values, excellent schools and excellent quality of life are just a few of the catch-phrases being associated with living in Oak Grove.

If you are just passing through, we want to thank you for stopping by! If you are looking for a community to call home for yourself, your family or your business, we want to take this opportunity to invite you to "Come Grow With Us!"