Animal Control

Our mission ​is to serve the community to protect the health ​and safety of ​our residents and animals while promoting responsible pet ownership by:

​• Maintaining the highest quality of services
​  to the​ community​​​
​• Relieve the pain and suffering of animals
​​​• Promote responsible pet ownership
​​​​• Increase public awareness of animal issues
​​​​• Cooperate with breed rescue/animal welfare
​  organizations
​​• Continue training education for management
​   and staff​

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The animal control officer in Oak Grove is Maureen Keedwell the person who works to protect stray, injured, abused and unwanted animals.  She also helps the public deal with problems caused by animals.  The animal control officer responds to calls about neglected or lost animals and are often the first people to provide comfort and compassion to animals in need.  Animal Control can be reached at 816-690-3773 ext. 1006 Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm except most government holidays.

On-Call After Hours

If you have an Animal Control Emergency after hours please call Jackson County Dispatch center at 816-795-1960 or 911.  The following are examples of items that would be considered emergencies:

  • Confined stray with life threatening injury
  • Animal posing an immediate threat to public safety
  • Animal that has bitten a person

City Pet License

Current rabies vaccination and city pet license are required for all cats and dogs over 6 months of age.  Rabies vaccinations must be given by licensed veterinarians.  City pet license to coincide with rabies vaccination can be purchased at City Hall $5 for spayed/neutered and $10 if NOT spayed/neutered for both cats and dogs.

Leash Law

All dogs and cats are required to be restrained at all times.  That is to be in a fully enclosed fenced area or on a leash, even in their own yard.

Various Animals Serviced

raccoon 2016  2
18-035 Stallone 5
baby bird spring 2017
hawk  2
baby raccoon
opossum 2016
snapper 91216 2
owl Aug 2016
snake grain valley 2016
red tail sept 7 2016
Helpful Links and phone numbers:
Jackson County Animal Control 913-457-6164     Dispatch-816-794-1960
Missouri Department of Conservation Wildlife
​KC Regional office 816-622-0900 or Burr Oaks 816-228-3766
Spay and Neuter Kansas City 816-527-8732 (low cost spay/neuter)
NAWS 816-336-1888 (low cost spay/neuter)
Humane Society of Greater Kansas City 913-596-1000 (low cost spay/neuter)