School District


The City of Oak Grove R-6 School District offers exceptional educational programs and curriculum for students of all ages. The school district has received state and national recognition for education excellence and is a regionally accredited educational institution. The abundance of highly qualified/certified staff creates an all encompassing learning environment which better prepares its students for future and present challenges and requirements in modern day society. 

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Oak Grove R-VI School District is to create an environment for students to become lifelong learners by providing the guidance, tools, and opportunities to maximize their academic, social, and individual potential.”

To define the Oak Grove R-6 School District by education excellence alone does not sufficiently describe the key vantage points of this school district.  Supplementary activities such as extensive athletic programs, food services, community outreach programs, student transportation systems, exceptional libraries and computer laboratories are just a few of the reasons we are proud to refer to the Oak Grove R-6 School District; as “our very own”!