City Administrator


The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer (CAO) of the City and is appointed by the Mayor with consent of the City Council. Among other things, the City Administrator is expected to:

  • Administer the issuance and revocation of all building permits.
  • Be responsible for the hiring and removal of all employees of the City.
  • Continuously monitor the City’s financial position and needs.
  • Direct the lighting of public grounds and highways.
  • Enforce all City ordinances, resolutions and contracts.
  • Manage the design, construction and repair of all municipal buildings, bridges, viaducts, dykes, waterways, sewers, levies and structures.
  • Offer professional advice on all aspects of the City’s operations.
  • Oversee the removal or abatement of all nuisances.
  • Prepare and submit the annual City Budget and Capital Improvement Program.
  • Supervise the improvement of all streets, alleys, sidewalks and public ways.
  • Supervise the management and control of all parks and public grounds.

Steven Craig was appointed as the City Administrator in February 2009. Prior to joining Oak Grove, he served as the City Administrator of Camdenton, Missouri. Mr. Craig also served as the Assistant City Administrator / Economic Development Director for Camdenton before being promoted to the Administrator position. In addition, he served as the Economic Development Director in Cabool, Missouri. Mr. Craig received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Missouri State University (MSU). While working at MSU, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He is a member of the International City / County Management Association (ICMA) and active in the Missouri City Management Association. He is a lifelong resident of Missouri and lives with his wife and two daughters in Oak Grove.