Bent Oak Park


Bent Oak Park is located at 1300 SE 30th St., Oak Grove, MO 64075.


Bent Oak Park is the newest park for the city of Oak Grove.  It was acquired in 2016 and plans began for development soon after.  The land has over 200 acres and is the former home of the Bent Oak Golf Course. It is now the home for the Oak Grove Aquatic Center (opened in 2018) and the Oak Grove Fieldhouse (opened in 2019). Bent Oak Park is the host location for the annual Sparks & Stripes celebration event. On any given day, you are welcome to come walk or bicycle through the park on the former cart paths. Dogs are welcome to come with you. We ask that they remain on a leash and are picked up after. There are also multiple ponds at Bent Oak Park that you are welcome to fish! Please park your vehicle in the public parking lot and walk/bike to whichever pond you want to fish. It is also catch and release only, however. The scenery is gorgeous, and we encourage you to enjoy the beauty and quiet nature of Bent Oak Park.