Emergency Management

Oak Grove - Sni Valley Emergency Management

The City of Oak Grove and Sni Valley Fire Protection District cooperate to perform emergency preparedness activities in the Oak Grove area.  Oak Grove - Sni Valley Emergency Management provides the following functions:

  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Warning
  • Public Education
  • Operation of a joint Emergency Operations Center in time of Emergency.
  • Disaster recovery operations.
  • Sheltering of evacuees in time of emergency, in cooperation with the American Red Cross and local organizations.
  • Coordination with federal, state, and regional emergency response organizations.
  • Maintenance of emergency supplies and equipment.
  • Mapping and address system maintenance.
  • Response to certain types of emergencies and assistance to other emergency response organizations.

Speakers Available

We have speakers available for your group or organization on various topics ranging from weather safety, family preparedness, fire safety, and other related topics.

Resources for More Information

Missouri State Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Weather Service - Pleasant Hill Forecast Office

National Weather Service - Storm Prediction Center

United States Geological Survey -Earthquakes

Central United States Earthquake Consortium

American Red Cross

Prepare Metro KC

Contact Us

Contact the Emergency Management Office at 816-690-3773 extension 1105 or Mark Sherwood.