Can yard waste be burned?

The preferred method of yard waste removal would be the Eastern Jackson County Yard Waste Collection Center, located at 37910 E Pinkhill Road, Oak Grove, MO 64075 or (816) 847-7050 for more information.  Time periods for burning residential yard waste consisting of leaves and brush less than three inches in diameter from vegetation grown on a residential property is permitted during the following calendar periods and times of day within the city limits are March 1st through April 30th and November 1st through December 31st between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:30 pm.  First, you MUST obtain a burn permit from the Sni Valley Fire Department for no charge.  No burning of any combustible matter of any kind on an asphalt, concrete or brick paved street, alley, or public place within the city limits.  Burning of paper, garbage, tires and other kinds of wastes is prohibited.

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