Business License Information

City of Oak Grove

In accordance with Chapter 605 of the Municipal Code for the City of Oak Grove, Missouri, every person, whether or not located in the City, except those covered under Section 71.620 RSMo, desiring to engage in any business, profession or occupation including building contractors and subcontractors in the City shall be required to obtain an occupation license before engaging in such activity. If you are a contractor or
subcontractor, a business license is required before any permit can be issued or inspections will be performed. Licenses expire December 31st.

We are pleased to receive your application to open a new business. In order to obtain approval for a business license for a building you are planning to occupy within the city limits, you must complete the application submit the required information and it must pass inspection by the building official and fire department. The business must meet zoning requirements. Please do not open without approval.

The following items are to be acquired by the applicant and SUBMITTED prior to issuance of any license:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance coverage with the City of Oak Grove listed as the certificate holder
    If applicable, Certificate of Insurance for Workers’ Compensation coverage with the City of Oak Grove listed as the certificate holder. If your business is exempt, an affidavit, the form of which shall be developed by the Division of Workers Compensation, and signed by the applicant attesting that the contractor is exempt from workers’ compensation coverage. (RSMo 287.061)
  • Retailer’s must submit a copy of your State of Missouri Sales Tax License
  • Certificate of NO TAX DUE from the Missouri Department of Revenue. (RSMo Ch144, Sec. 144.083)

Applications can be submitted to  Please allow 2-3 business days to process.  The license fee is $25 and after July 1st the fee is $12.50.  The license can be paid for over the phone with a debit or credit card.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover, there is a 2.8% fee.  You can also hand deliver a check during business hours, after hours use the dropbox or mail in a check.